​DDoS-protected DNS service: Why do you need it?

If you are checking what DDoS-protected DNS service is, you probably already suffered from a DDoS attack. Now, they are more common than ever and damage online businesses. They might stop your server when you needed it the most and cause severe losses. It is clear that you need a way to stay safe and keep your online business running. You need DDoS protected DNS service! 

​What is DDoS protected DNS service?

DDoS protection or DDoS mitigation service refers to an additional DNS service that combines different tools and techniques to check traffic and stop DDoS attacks. The DDoS attacks are strong waves of traffic organized by cybercriminals that try to unstable your servers and make them incapable of responding to normal clients’ requests. 

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What one protected DNS service should do is: 

  • Analyze the traffic deeply. Understand the normal patterns of the traffic and use them for comparison. 
  • Separate traffic. Understand what is human traffic and what is machine traffic. 
  • Filter. Filter the incoming traffic based on whitelisting or blacklisting and other parameters. The protection can distinguish and stop bad traffic.  
  • Monitor. Monitor the whole DNS traffic. If the system spots a strange pattern, it could activate different behavior and take actions to stop a potential DDoS attack. So, understanding the traffic is vital. 
  • Distribute the traffic. In some cases, just the load balancing could be enough to distribute the malicious traffic between the DNS server and resist the attack. 
  • Activate Failovers if needed. If one or more servers go down, it could notify you about the event and redirect the traffic to the rest of the DNS servers. Automatically, without the need of a human operator. 

​Why do you need DDoS protected DNS service?

  • Less downtime. If you have DDoS protection, your servers will resist a lot more to DDoS attacks and experience significantly less downtime. Your visitors will still be able to access your application or website. 
  • Good performance, even under attack. The distribution of traffic that a DNS service provider can offer you should be enough to manage the traffic well. So well, in fact, that your application or website will still be available and without a significant penalty in productivity. 
  • It will be more beneficial. Yes, downtime costs and it costs a lot. How much does a minute of it cost for you? What about an hour or a whole day? Compare this number to around 100 dollars per month, and you will see that DDoS-protected DNS service is really worth it. 
  • It is easy to manage. Don’t get me wrong, if you are not familiar with DNS, it might be a bit hard, but if you are, it will be very simple. Set it up once, and the monitors and failover mechanism could run almost 100% by themselves. Only if the attack is really strong, you, your IT team, and the customer service of the DNS provider will need to fight the DDoS attack together. 


DDoS-protected DNS services are getting so common as the SSL/TLS certificates for the websites. They are not a must, but pretty much everybody who has a large e-commerce site or an important application gets it. Better protect that suffer downtime and wait many long hours until your domain gets accessible again. 

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